Employer Services

Working with PSTC, employers can receive customized training programs, free job placement and retention services, as well as federal tax credits.

PSTC courses are developed under the guidance of PSTC’s Warehouse Technical Advisory Board – a local group of Union and Non-Union warehouse and distribution managers.

Job Recruitment

We provide customized job recruitment services for our funding agencies, educational institutions and vocational colleges. We recruit individuals from several foreign countries (particularly Somalia, ….) for custom training programs.

Case Management

We maintain contact with the individuals while they are in training and for the first 90 days of their employment. We provide support services, employer intervention, and additional training and wage progression assistance.

Employer Tax Savings

Employers can lower taxes and save money through the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) and Welfare-to-Work Tax Credit (W+W) programs. For each qualified worker you hire from PSTC, you may be eligible for a maximum tax credit of $2,400 for WOTC or $8,500 for W+W.

Eligible target groups:

  1. Welfare recipient
  2. Veteran
  3. Supplemental Security Income recipient
  4. Person with a disability
  5. Ex-felon
  6. 18-24 year old food stamp recipient
  7. 18-24 year old resident of a federally designated Enterprise or Renewal Community

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Warehouse Technical Advisory Board
K&L Distributors: Rick Medlang and Bill Anderson
Safeway: Jeff Smith
Sunshine Kids: Brad Keller

Since 1999, we've relied on Puget Sound Training Center to provides excellent warehouse workers with great forklift, computer and customer service skills.
- Brad Keller, President, Sunshine Kids

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